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Corporate Training Programs

IES Business Consultants possesses many years of Training and Coaching experience around the world. The Chairman is the ex Academic Dean for New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury New York. IES have a long list of certified Trainers in a great variety of functions and industries. IES trainers are capable of running the courses and workshops in different languages, as per the choice of the client.

All courses run by IES trainers are very much practical workshops that keep the trainees enthusiastic at and participative all times.

We take training to higher levels by customizing the Clients’ own course based on their needs and according to their requirements, nature of work and the participants’ positions in the organization.

View Corporate Training Workflow

Course ID Course Title Type Hours
All courses are client-tailored.
CS101 Business Etiquette for Call Centers Customer Service 7
CS102 Dealing with Difficult Customers Customer Service 4
CS301 Effective Call Center Management Skills Customer Service 7
CS201 Managing Customer Service / Sales Customer Service 6
CS103 Telesales Training Customer Service 7
CS202 Customer Relationship Management Customer Service 8
CS203 Customer Retention & Satisfaction Customer Service 6
HR201 Competency-Based Interviewing Skills Human Resources 4
HR302 Developing World-Class Employees Human Resources 6
HR205 The Best of Performance Appraisal Systems Human Resources 6
HR101 Building Job Descriptions Using SMART KPIs Human Resources 4
HR202 Employee Performance Management Human Resources 8
HR206 Salary Grading & Schemes Building Techniques Human Resources 5
HR207 Recruitment & Selection Strategies Human Resources 4
HR203 Organizational Structure Strategies Human Resources 4
HR204 Job Evaluation & Job Matching Human Resources 8
IE101 Basics of International Trade Import / Export 6
IE102 Import Customs Documents Import / Export 4
IE103 Export Customs Documents & Methods of Payment Import / Export 6
IE104 International Trade Logistics & Transportation Import / Export 4
IE105 Harmonized System Import / Export 3
IE106 Custom Clearance (Export, Import & Free Zone) Import / Export 5
AD101 Administrative Assistant Training Individual 3
IN101 Work-Life Balance Individual 4
IN112 Effective Business Report Writing Individual 4
IN301 Advanced Negotiation Strategies Individual 4
IN102 Effective Negotiation Individual 4
IN113 Team Presentation Skills Individual 4
IN103 Presentation Skills Individual 4
IN104 Problem Solving & Decision Making Individual 4
IN105 Time & Stress Management Individual 4
IN114 Team Building Skills & Techniques Individual 6
IN201 Team Building Essentials Individual 4
IN115 Proposal Writing Individual 4
IN106 Analytical & Conceptual Thinking Individual 4
IN107 Experiential Learning Individual 6
IN108 Work Ethics & Values Individual 6
IN109 Accountability Individual 6
IN110 Interpersonal Skills Individual 6
IN111 Responding to Conflicts Individual 4
MG301 Managing Organizational Behavior Management 8
MG307 Communication Skills for Managers Management 6
MG201 Total Quality Management Management 6
MG302 Conflict Resolution Management 4
MG202 Basic Management Skills Management 5
MG303 Effective Management Skills Management 8
MG101 Change Management Management 6
MG203 Coaching for Outstanding Job Performance Management 6
MG304 Strategic Planning Management 6
MG305 Strategic Management Management 8
MG102 Self-Directed Teams Management 12
MG204 Supervising & Motivating Your Team Management 8
MG205 Train the Trainer Management 6
MG206 Project Management Management 8
MG207 Leadership & Team Development for Managerial Success Management 6
MG208 Mentoring & Coaching Skills Management 6
MG209 Risk Management Management 4
MG306 Talent Identification & Management Management 6
MG210 Achieving excellence and continuous improvement Management 6
MG211 Visioning and Alignment Management 6
MS101 Fundamentals of Marketing Marketing / Sales 4
MS102 Principles of Brand Management Marketing / Sales 4
MS103 Creating a Marketing Plan Marketing / Sales 6
MS104 Customer Retention & Satisfaction Marketing / Sales 6
MS301 Strategic Marketing Marketing / Sales 6
MS105 Advertising & Promotion Marketing / Sales 6
MS106 SPIN Selling Marketing / Sales 8

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