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Company Profile

IES Business Consultants are a management consulting services Company helping clients become high-performance businesses, identify and capitalize on business opportunities, while investing in People power by unleashing the full potential of workforce and growing through employee commitment.

Every Business is a Vision, every employee is an asset, every competitor is a challenge, and every customer is a potential. 

Whether a business is just starting up or is already a successful up-and-running enterprise, maintaining the development of the business is always the goal of top management and employees. The success of a business is usually measured in terms of revenues, market share, sustainability and progress.  At IES Business Consultants we offer our clients the main resources and tools they need for a healthy business growth towards their vision and help them measure their progress as we go along.

IES Business Consultants provide business consultation in Strategic Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, HR Management Systems & HR development, Human Capital Strategies, Warehouse Storage & Inventory control, Psychometric Assessments, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), financial strategies, Marketing / branding & advertising, Training & coaching, and building web sites that suite visions and future strategies.

Throughout the years we have succeeded in developing in-house methodologies and tools that identify our clients’ tailored requirements in the most effective and efficient manner. This is what differ us from our competitors. We constantly upgrade and fine-tune these methodologies to maintain our competitive edge in the region.

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